There are a number of advantages that come with having a practical guide to blowout recovery.

From the planning, processing, up until managing the risks, Capstone has what it takes to turn your worst day in business to another productive day.


Capstone customers should understand what their worst day in business might look like

  • Planning for that day has the unique effect of focusing personnel on prevention
  • In the unlikely event of an uncontrolled release, having a practical guide to blowout recovery can be a distinct advantage
  • A site-specific Capstone Blowout Contingency Plan can provide this advantage

Capstone understands that it’s difficult for operators to share problems with others until it is deemed absolutely necessary

  • However, it is our experience that the earlier we are engaged, the greater the opportunity to minimize or prevent losses
  • Call Us Early!


  • Capstone’s emergency phone number places the caller in touch with personnel that will immediately engage in the problem-solving process
  • Capstone will formulate a measured response and dispatch the appropriate initial response assets to the site and to the corporate office (if required)
  • Capstone is experienced in the Incident Command System (ICS) and is prepared to assist and advise Incident Commanders and Emergency Managers through the most complex blowout recovery activities

Managing Risk

Blowout recovery is a risk management process focused on protecting the:

  • personnel on site
  • public
  • environment
  • client’s investment & corporate image

Managing hazards is an ongoing responsibility for Capstone personnel

  • An uncontrolled release can be unpredictable due to wellbore dynamics and flow characteristics

Each surface intervention job step can influence flow features which in turn may adversely affect hazards

The understanding of hazard potential is realized through extensive experience at managing risk in a dangerous environment



Capstone has the specialty equipment required to facilitate capping all well types.

  • Athey Wagon c/w Working Tips and Appliances
  • Fire Monitor Shack (2 pre-fabricated units)
  • 20’ Skid-mounted Tool Sea-Can c/w Inventory
  • Tool Truck c/w Inventory
  • Tool Tote c/w Inventory
  • Stinger Assembly c/w Tools, Appliances, and Mounting Framework
  • 3000# Dry Chemical Skid
  • 2000# Dry Chemical Skid c/w Trailer
  • High Volume Suction Manifold Skid c/w Inventory
  • Kenwood I.S. Radio Package c/w Gang Charger and Headsets
  • Skid-mounted Sea-Can Pump Assembly c/w Inventory (1800 gpm)
  • Skid-mounted Sea-Can Pump Assembly c/w Inventory (1000 gpm)
  • Skid-mounted Pump Assembly (1800 gpm)


Senior leaders of Capstone are the most qualified wellsite blowout recovery specialists in Canada

  • Extensive Canadian and International experience in blowout recovery operations
  • Experience with drilling, completions, and production in both operating and blowout recovery scenarios

Capstone Blowout Recovery’s core comprises individuals that manage well control daily and have extensive well control experience

  • Brings a rare field perspective to our customers as compared to existing competitors

Capstone Blowout Recovery has the engineering expertise required to solve complex problems

  • Individuals with drilling, completions, and production engineering experience