Capstone is a privately held company incorporated in Alberta, Canada. The company was created in 2016 with the vision of providing high-quality services for oil and gas companies with simplicity, continuous improvement, and partnership as the primary focus. Since then, Capstone has acquired Doull Site Assessments and its people spanning 30+ years of specialized expertise in the well integrity testing industry.

Fundamentally, Capstone is a Well-Integrity Management organization, confidently assisting clients with a ll manners of well integrity issues from risk assessment to blowout recovery events. Daily we perform assessments to determine, diagnose, and remediate complex well-integrity issues while maintaining 100% readiness to respond to a well control emergency. Our clients trust our proven, agile methods, and established processes that utilize proprietary technology increase their likelihood of success.

Capstone is guided by the commitment it has to its key stakeholders, customers, employees, shareholders and community at large.


Employing a team of focused specialists and custom equipment, we provide operational and organizational solutions to manage the risk of uncontrolled release of formation fluids throughout the life cycle of a well.


The preferred industry partner for specialized solutions to the critical industry challenges of asset liability, well integrity testing, and blowout recovery; without compromising our values.


We Care - nothing is more important than the wellbeing of our people and the environment we work in

Integrity - we do the right thing; always

Continuously Improve - we challenge ourselves, and each other, to find a better way


Capstone uses an all-encompassing management system (SAFE) for all aspects of business requirements and operation. SAFE exists to facilitate business. "Purpose over process" is SAFE’s foundation. Each element of SAFE adds value to Capstone’s corporate goals, or it is not included. Capstone’s safety management system is woven throughout SAFE; making it authentically the way we do business.

5 Elements of Safe

  1. What we believe and do
  2. How we lead
  3. How we work
  4. How we learn
  5. How we verify SAFE

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