Capstone is committed to a culture of flawless execution in all aspects of our business.

  • We believe that all incidents are preventable, full regulatory compliance is the
    minimum expectation, and the well being of our people is not compromised for any
  • Capstone Leadership is accountable for EHS performance and has implemented the
    System for Achieving Flawless Execution (SAFE) as the management system to govern
    all activities of the company.
  • Capstone Management will establish, promote, and visibly support SAFE to safeguard
    all personnel, the environment, and Capstone assets.
  • Capstone Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that performance and behaviors on
    all Capstone work sites meet the standards of the company, the customer, and
    regulatory requirements.
  • All Capstone Employees will protect the health and safety of themselves and those
    around them. Commitment to the principles of SAFE and following the expectations
    within the management system is a condition of employment at Capstone.