Capstone uses an all-encompassing management system (SAFE) for all aspects of business requirements and operation. SAFE exists to facilitate business. “Purpose over process” is SAFE’s foundation. Each element of SAFE adds value to Capstone’s corporate goals, or it is not included. Capstone’s safety management system is woven throughout SAFE; making it authentically the way we do business.

5 Elements of SAFE

  1. What we believe and do
  2. How we lead
  3. How we work
  4. How we learn
  5. How we verify SAFE

EHS Policy

Capstone is committed to a culture of flawless execution in all aspects of our business.

We believe that all incidents are preventable, full regulatory compliance is the minimum expectation, and the well being of our people is not compromised for any reason.

Capstone Leadership is accountable for EHS performance and has implemented the System for Achieving Flawless Execution (SAFE) as the management system to govern all activities of the company.

Capstone Management will establish, promote, and visibly support SAFE to safeguard all personnel, the environment, and Capstone assets.

Capstone Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that performance and behaviors on all Capstone work sites meet the standards of the company, the customer, and regulatory requirements.

All Capstone Employees will protect the health and safety of themselves and those around them. Commitment to the principles of SAFE and following the expectations within the management system is a condition of employment at Capstone.