COVID – 19 Blowout Recovery Preparedness

What is Capstone doing?

  • Implement regular COVID – 19 Fit for Duty Assessment for
    response personnel
  • Response Team travel guidelines
  • On-site Blowout Recovery personnel onshift & off-shift isolation
  • COVID – 19 preventative measure & guidelines
  • PPE guidelines for when Physical Distancing is not possible

COVID – 19 Blowout Recovery Planning

What additional risks does the COVID – 19 Pandemic add to your Blowout Recovery operations?

  • Availability of specialized response personnel
  • Potential COVID – 19 Outbreak at the incident site
  • Physical distancing measures may not be practical or possible
  • Need to manage a large group of personnel during a Pandemic

Capstone can help with your blowout contingency planning during this pandemic, contact Chistien Venardos here: or at 403-392-2952