Rob Graefer
Senior Well Control Specialist

  • 38 years of managing oil & gas risk
  • 32 years of direct well control experience
  • Responded to 100’s of well control events
  • Recognized leader in well control, with extensive international experience (Canada, Alaska, Middle East)
  • Fires of Kuwait
    • Rob participated in the capping of 185 wells in extreme conditions
  • Essential part of shift to working on wells while burning to mitigate toxic gas risk
  • Capping some of the most complex, uncontrolled flowing wells in Canada
  • Experienced in providing Blowout Contingency Planning for operators

Dwight Bulloch
Well Control Specialist

  • 22 years of oilfield experience in servicing, drilling, and completions.
  • Crew chief of a Blowout Recovery team
    • capping blowouts on all types of wells within the WCSB including prolific sour gas wells
  • Extensive experience in high-profile and critical sour operations
    • including sites with up to 93% H2S and surface pressures up to 100MPa
  • Development and instruction of Enform Emergency Ignition Course
  • An authoring member of IRP #18 committee
    • Fire and Explosion Hazard Management
  • Initiated and managed the development of the Well Site Supervisor Competency Certificate program at Lakeland College

Christien Venardos, CRSP

  • Worked up from Site Safety Representative to Blowout Recovery Team Crew Chief to Group HSE Lead
  • Blowout Recovery team member
    • capping difficult wells including a high risk, remote access sour gas release
  • Media/Crisis Communication for the Pembina Nisku Development program: interaction and conducting interviews with national media outlets,
  • Sinopec Canada/ Sinopec Emergency Response Exercise Project Supervisor
  • Content author for the Lakeland College Well Site Supervisor Certificate program