Capstone Abandonments is a full-service well abandonment company where we will analyze your well file, create a work program for a Directive 20 compliant well abandonment, and execute the program with Capstone equipment and crews.

In addition to a complete service for the downhole abandonment work, Capstone will act as the Project Manager for your entire asset retirement project, including pipeline decommissioning, surface facility removal, remediation, and reclamation.

Capstone can operate as prime contractor for the project and has the management systems to ensure our clients are confident to trust us with their site.

Capstone has continued to be a strong advocate and member of the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors since 2017.


Capstone Abandonments uses a custom designed equipment package built exclusively for abandonment work. This package includes the service rig and the cementing unit as one package to optimize the work completed on the well at all times.

This new approach to turn-key abandonments:

  • Reduces the number of people required to execute the well work
  • Virtually eliminates downtime waiting on services
  • Attains efficiency not achievable with multiple, independent contractors working on the same well


Planning Phase

  • Client provides the data set that includes the information required to program the work and then well files reviewed by our Project Management group.
  • Plan developed to meet regulatory and customer requirements in the most effective manner. Develop cost estimate and work scope for each well.
  • Cost estimate and work scope provided to the client. Then obtain agreement to proceed.
  • Draft detailed programs and project timeline created with baseline execution time. Programs and schedules are reviewed and approved by engineering and operations
  • Fieldwork is scheduled

Execution Phase

  • Mobilize equipment and crews to the field
  • Complete abandonment as per well specific program.
  • Move to next well and repeat process based on the overall project strategy

Project Close Out Phase

  • Data transferred to the client as per contract (per well, per block of wells, per time period, etc.). Capstone can complete AER notifications or provide required data for client submission
  • Capstone reviews every project for continuous improvement opportunities. Improvement opportunities will be applied immediately and added to corporate best practices


Capstone Abandonments uses a six-person crew to execute all wellbore related work

  • Well Site Supervisor – responsible for entire worksite – safety, execution, planning, and reporting. The client does not require a separate Consultant on location
  • Rig Technician – responsible for well control and movement of equipment in and out of the well
  • Pump Technician – responsible for all fluids including mixing, pumping, and control of returns
  • Tool Technician – responsible for all downhole tools including plugs, packers, and other tools
  • Roustabouts – general labourers responsible for assisting Technicians with tasks such as rigging in equipment, running tongs, racking tubing and mixing chemicals

The Capstone Abandonment team focuses exclusively on decommissioning wells allowing them to remain immersed in the regulations and techniques required to execute high-quality work.

  • One Project Manager responsible from the first scope meeting to the after-project review. This maintains a single point of contact for the field crews and the client
  • Project Superintendents have extensive field experience. Enabling them to optimize execution with the field crews
  • Capstone maintains in-house engineering strength to assist the Project Superintendents, understand abandonments, and solve complex compliance, technical or operational challenges
  • All team members share in the success and challenges of a project. Motivating them to work together and continually improve the Capstone system


Utilizing a custom equipment package, a unique process, and an entire team of personnel dedicated to abandonment work, Capstone can offer an alternative to the expensive and inefficient methods currently employed to abandon and decommission old wells and fields.

What this means to the client

  • Reduced Cost – Lower overhead –  One company onsite instead of multiple service companies – leads to reduced NPT and increased efficiency with one team working together to accomplish the objective
  • Reduced Safety Liability – With Capstone assigned as Prime Contractor, Capstone owns all safety requirements and processes
  • Reduced LLR – Capstone can decommission more wells within the client’s ARO budget, and improve your Liability Management Rating (LMR)
  • Increased Quality – Specializing in abandonment service using consistent methodology, systems, and the relentless pursuit of continuous improvement